Winterizations begin in October

We will begin our winterizations in October as the water districts shut down. Due to various types of systems, and varying weather conditions, we are unable to pinpoint an exact time to winterize your system. We do our best to call ahead to let people know when we are going to be in their area.

If the weather changes rapidly, it will be the owner’s responsibility to drain their pumps. Please note that light frosts generally will not harm your system. It will take a hard extended freeze to damage your underground irrigation system. Any exposed valves and pumps should be drained at any sign of a hard frost by the owner.

Fill out the form below to schedule your winterization

By submitting the winterization form, you agree that Cascade Pump & Irrigation Services, LLC cannot be held liable for damage to your pump or irrigation system due to freezing that may occur before we arrive, or damage that may occur due to blowing out your system. Please be aware that old systems, or improperly installed systems may be damaged due to high-velocity air used in the blowout. If your system is not designed to be blown out, an adapter can be installed to do so on a time and materials basis.